Our battle was started by Nero & is inspired by his dying words: “Look, how beautiful are the eyes of that idiot.” Only disorder unites us. Skeptically, Savagely, Sexually. Our Cathedral is impregnated with the great spectacle of Disaster. We manifest against dawn for nightfall, against lambrettas for motorcycles, against liquor for pot, against tennis for boxing, against the radio patrol for the Lady of the Camellias, against Valéry for D.H. Lawrence, against storks for skunks, against the future for the present, against fountains for cesspits, against Eliot for the Marquis de Sade, against the gas bombs of office workers & public employees for the chiclets of the eunuchs & their concubines, against Hegel for Antonin Artaud, against the guitar for drums, against responsibilities for sensations, against the careers of businessmen for pale faces & night-visions, against Mondrian for Di Chirico, against mechanics for Dream, against dragonflies for crabs, against Cartesian eggs for castor oil, against the biological son for the bastard, against the government for a chef’s convention, against archangels for homosexual cherubims, against the invasion of butterflies for the invasion of locusts, against mind for body, against Jardim Europa for Praça da República, against sky for earth, against Virgil for Catullus, against logic for Magic, against magnolias for sunflowers, against the lamb for the wolf, against rule for Compulsion, against lamp-posts for illuminated totems & neon signs, against Christ for Barabbas, against professors for shamans, against noon for midnight, against religion for sex, against Tchaikovsky for Carl Orff, against everything for Lautréamont.
MARCH 1962
* translated by Henrik Aeshna