Sex Worker # 12:




Baby man is easy

$250: bottle, burp, bed.

No dirty diapers.


Baby man likes breast milk.

won’t drink formula or warmed whole;

he’s a connoisseur.


His refrigerator is a shelf of thick, cream goop

in plastic bottle nipples ready to be warmed

by boiling water on the stove: no microwaves.


In my sweet mommy voice,

“Little Davey wavy is nutsy wutsy isn’t he?”

I wipe his baby burble bubbles of viscous yellow.


He’s a six week old with wobble head.

His arms waggle, mouth roots for more bottle.

Babyman is authentic.


I lay him down in his oversized crib

king bed fluffy baby bumpers: jungle themed.

He loves his rhino pillow.


I tip toe into the kitchen and get my $250

second drawer next to the dishwasher

and let myself out.