July 20


Weathermen expect heavy thunderstorms for east Colorado 



July 21


Bug corpse graffiti on windshield

Wind steers the steering wheel


            The Churches of Quinter Welcome You!


                                   Abilene, Topeka 


                                               "Kansas City here I come!"


            Bob Dole country

            Birthplace of Amelia Earhart

            Home state of two astronauts


                        Drowning in a wheat field in Kansas



July 22


            Fried eggs, country biscuits, iced tea


                                   Ozark Land


            Home cured ham


Corn Fields

St. Louis Arch


            William Burroughs lives somewhere around here


                                   Illinois State Line


                                               Redwing blackbird

                                               E. on I-64


                                               Hawk soars

                                               57 south to 24 south




July 23


Barber sitting in two chair shop

Not a hair brush in the place

Combs, razors


                        Radio plays country


He nicks my ear

Treats flow with styptic

Wants to shave my back

                                    No thanks


                        No one knows who’s in control


In Nashville they lament they turned Elvis away

Elvis came back just the same



July 24


Why do I run, Narcissus?

                                                           On a highway


                                                     in Kansas

                                   reflections in a glass of iced tea

                                                    in shoreline pools of Lake Tahoe

                                                    in Kentucky prisons


            Candlelight Restaurant, home cooking


                                          in catsup. . .


            I ask for well-done potatoes, they give them to me raw

            I'm willing to accept these Tennessee-style potatoes


Nashville Motel and Truck-Stop Complex off Trinity Lane

Gas up

Stuff down baked ham, biscuits

Here I come Alabama, surprise me!


                                   Magnolia blossoms


            Montgomery, capital of Alabama


                        Okra, Spanish moss, oak trees


            Drive carefully down country roads




Bird hunting

            Deer grazing

            Wild turkey


Crepe myrtle

            Southern cedar




Dead cars rust in fields


Jump around visit a couple of folks


No earthly idea



            Nice sunset

            You see the Milky Way



July 25


6 am Chuck on all night drunk drags me from sleep

We stop on the roadside listen to every kind of bug dawn bird noise


Apologize for the traffic,” he says,

parked on red dirt road, lips around whiskey bottle


Not car or soul around


“Apologize for the traffic,” he says,



Screwdriver in the throat of tape deck

Shotgun shells and rubber worms between my feet

Bombed in a trashed out black Camaro sunrise


We visit an old man putting gas in his tractor

Walk with him to the porch

He sits down in a rusty old chair, complains he can't spit without teeth

Tobacco dribbles over his stubbled chin

He pours himself a whiskey with a Coca-Cola chaser

Says, "Enjoy women now, you've got plenty of time for drinking whiskey"

Chuck goes inside the house and comes back

with a straight razor, wet towel and a cab if Barbisol

Chuck shaves him



July 27


I do questions not answers, that's my way out of this

I'm going to turn this around, do answers not questions


                                   Georgia, Welcome


            83 miles to Atlanta

            Highway Dept. paints a white line in the road


Look at the people I pass


                        Graffiti advertising blow jobs

                                   on Days Inn truck-stop bathroom wall

                                   beside prayer asking God

                                   to send his son back to save this wicked world


                                   Welcome to South Carolina 

                                   Welcome to North Carolina 


I smell rain

Cool down


            Fast food signs trigger deep-fried nausea


Deep breath of rain

Dark clouds

Driving into a storm


Lightning flashes beyond road curve


                                   Welcome to Virginia




July 28


                        Is there a pot of gold in the middle of the road?


            "Don't get mesmerized by the road

            you might start thinking you are the road

and you're not"


Mirrors are where they should be

The same sunset in 200 motel rooms

TV bolted down to the dressing table

Sanitary wrapped plastic cup

2 X 1/8th inch soap wafers


Idling trucks like Nashville trucks, all night idling


                                   Welcome to Maryland


                        KEEP THE FREE STATE FREE FROM LITTER



            Tunnel bumper to bumper

            Carbon monoxide fumes


            $1 toll



                                   Virgin in bloody red letters


Free State


                                   Welcome to Pennsylvania

                                      America Starts Here




                                   Welcome to New Jersey


Bumper to bumper

Stereo cranked up

Nervous thrum of engine, traffic

Diesel smoke, heat


Bumper to bumper to peaceful old neighborhood on Ave. B

In Port Washington a silver-haired lady mows the lawn

Does Dawn live here?


“When she's here,” the lady says and continues about the yard



July 29



Suburban circa 1940's house

Blue hibiscus

Red geranium

Europe from window of bus

Replica of Eiffel Tower

London scenes on black velvet

Bavarian mugs

Model of Concorde

Commemorative dishes of Coliseum

Hand-painted scenes of winter in Vermont on a crosscut-saw

Ship in a bottle

Tourist map of Bermuda 1609 in wood frame


            Narcissus in white shorts, white shirt

            Red hair

            Cheeks aglow from riding about childhood haunts

in a rented convertible




Narcissus putting on make-up


Do I have sneakers to run?

11 a.m., I'm not ready yet


Sip second cup of coffee from a Florida palm tree coffee mug

Take another cup of coffee outside, sit beneath an umbrella

                                                           look down in a plastic pool. . .






We sit on a concrete bridge

The reflection of two faces turned in opposite directions     



July 31


We’re romantics

But will we live out of storybooks and myths?

I came to see myself in a duck pond

She got here on her own

Clutching the chain link fence in the yard

Climbing desperately for freedom

They caught her and made her put on a skirt