Linear Vision of Paths Between Forms




I am seedling, now take root of me- let us find purchase between us, and grow.

Thank you, sky, for leading me home; thank you, fire, for driving me to the airport; thank you earth, for having me; thank you, sea, for raising me as spirit, finding form in elementals first,

choosing paths between water and wind,

eventually finding balance as I


through cycles toward


and precipitate change

in dives down-ward.

Clouds to wave's apex,

and surge to the swells' basin

lapped into fine seafoam.

Winds me through gills, rid of oxygen

turned to inky black jets and certain death-

Believe!, I can be used to kill.

Grounding, now, rooting still

as bleeding becomes me, into soil, becomes me- fertile, seeded my

completed cycle of each of us elements

met in solidified flow


let's grow.