H.A. C.C.


bORIN dOHO, masked nothing-aire,
lives among the botox rats of
dances best when belligerent
offers his succulent shoulder
to cry on or eat...


"... bORIN dOHO has exploded his cum here, and his bread has violated all the virgins in town"

bORIN dOHO- an inch tall if he's a mile! swills quarts of bad acid from lady-shoes.

Borin DoHo, master of conversing with the vacuous, riddling the insipid, dancing with all his left feet

bORIN Doho considers a rust-box getaway, hiding out in a cave in Kain-tuck, a private secession, where he’ll etch him a new flag


bORIN dOHO spitting philosopher's pearls outta his pastis :


LIFE is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.


LIFE is a whale from hell

on the back of an idiot, full of...


my dreams in the gutter &

tom wait's broken glass voice in the cold night

beyond the fire curtain beyond the outdoor splashed with the Big Liar's face down the rabbit hole here we go i won't gouge out my eyes at the end of this ridiculous table 


bORIN dOHO was found dead among the puddled remains of 72 red candles this morning, in an abandoned RNC half-way house/ gentleman's club, after a neighborhood watch activist alerted police of guttural, possibly Arabic chanting coming from the house, well after noise ordinance had gone into effect.


bORIN dOHO, son of Aleister Crowley and one of an obscure group of hallowed concubines, is survived by two half-brothers, George and Jeb, and a sister, Roc, as well as a son, who is actually now older than bORIN was when he died.


bORIN dOHO, a slept-on healer of ethno-sexual gridlock in all orifices and time zones, bled endlessly for the rise and liberation. His corpse is still, somehow, bleeding profusely.

An avid veve-reader and voodoo paleontologist, lover, poet,... friend to the Paladians, ambassador to the stars, part-time Disney character, chain-smoker, cult-leader, zombie-ninja-pirate-planeswalker, original b-boy, and sexy giiiirrrllll friend, was respected among all the most exclusive circles of drunk hobos and rail-riders, though often disparaged by many pre-op transvestites (out of jealousy of his naturally ambiguous outward gender).

He will be remembered most, perhaps, for his invention f the triple-quirk tweak-back helicopter to Jesus-flop dismount, performed only once on camera by his respected friend and colleague, Ron Jeremy. He will be missed.


bORIN dOHO was last seen last night hangin out near Batur, Bali’s most active volcano,
where some locals claim they saw bORIN dOHO throw himself into the crater swing ride wombflower void ADIOS