Kelvin Fernandez from the film No Way Home by Sam Lahoz ©
Kelvin Fernandez from the film No Way Home by Sam Lahoz ©


the truth that the spirit holds is nothing to play with
they nailed that man to a tree for days
because of the enlightenment his spirit held
it was more than his body could stand
i imagine it will be like that for all of us
the world requires a payment for truth
it requires a sacrifice as proof
belief in this world is not enough
the price of pursuing these truths is life
the equation is simple
the life you live is the product of truth
and your death will be the receipt
and so it goes life after life
and death after death
the scales tipping toward a balance
and the liars will continue to lie
creating powerful distractions
potent complacencies
promoting the comfort of acquiescence
to achieve compliance
the truth is uncomfortable
ugly and requires too much from us
i keep moving to grow accustom to the pain of it
to create an endurance for it
i am not as the liars say, what I own
i am the miles I have travelled
i am the sum of the truths I have endured
i am not on this journey
I am the journey



- vagabond


From the forthcoming film NO WAY HOME
written & directed by vagabond



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