PARIS GREEN LIPSTICK - a post-psychedelic pastoral for Claude Pélieu, by Henrik Aeshna

Claude-Pélieu (archives), adaptation by Henrik-Aeshna
Claude Pélieu (archives), adaptation by Henrik Aeshna


a post-psychedelic pastoral for Claude Pélieu


automatic bullet-poem by Henrik Aeshna



claude pélieu

junkbird jukebox

drowned in holy

hot hysteria

lizard soup & hashish visions

the Emerald Isle

like a trance mix of

Coney Island

Mont Saint-Michel

& Mumbai

bullet-words raging thru the desolate arcade boulevards of

New Tokyo the new hobo jungle

blazing plastic sutras noises saxophones 



canned paranoias hamburgers

Burroughs Corso Kaufman Weissner Ginsberg Gysin Pozo Plymell Bremser Beach

many others


shooting stars

Titicaca of my dreams

i invoke you great roaring demon John Coltrane

fuck the Royal Baby

fuck Lady Gaga

fuck all hipsters

& the Rock and Roll Fucking Hall of Fame

i wanna be the Shame of the Family



a voracious whore w/ the name DISORDER tattooed on my lips

go bind me over to Mr. Shrink if you want to

but better an anonymous star than a constellation of throwaway cardboard smiles

better to die of Vodka (or choreomania) than of Boredom

i am the flabbergasting ghost of my own excesses

a great garland wall riddled w/ wounds

concealing many scars postcards souvenirs chansons orgies

a blank papyrus stained w/ sperm & spate

debris storm cherry blossoms jazz

infrared mole monk

dandy Diogenes in a borstal barrel

tuned in to the howlings of wolves &

the metallic moanings of crystal-addled angels


an anti-gatsby gargoyle watching over the city's unfurling dahlia-dream

i am the coyote's dream

the dragonfly's scream


thousands of brightly

coloured balls

bounce down the

cobblestone streets of Cockaigne City

psychic sewers overflow in Hollywood

Linda Blair is at large

resembling a feral lily a teenage locust the color of lust

a.k.a. Kate Sade LaFolle

a mashup of Medusa & Hello Kitty

Post-Neoist Napalm Girl somewhere over the rainbow

eyes of Mar del Plata & Paris Green lipstick

w/ a splinter of Autumn under each of her nails

scratching the sun through & through






henrik aeshna


july 30, 2013

year of the snake



Henrik Aeshna, Paris, 2013
Henrik Aeshna, Paris, 2013
Claude Pélieu (archives) - adaptation by Henrik Aeshna
Claude Pélieu (archives) - adaptation by Henrik Aeshna
Collage by Claude Pélieu (courtesy of Galerie Agnés B.)
Collage by Claude Pélieu (courtesy of Galerie Agnés B.)

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