CLITORIS - Henrik Aeshna & SchizoPoP Manifesto

CLITORIS - by Henrik Aeshna (SchizoPoP Manifesto)
CLITORIS - by Henrik Aeshna (SchizoPoP Manifesto)


SchizoPoP Manifesto

Série Alchimie Tantrique de la Vie Quotidienne /

Tantrik Alchemy of Daily Life series


Acrylique sur toile / acrylic on canvas - 61 x 50 cm

Exhibition Henrik Aeshna SchizoPoP Manifesto, Pigalle, Paris, November/December 2012 


Henrik Aeshna lives amongst flowers, cats & visions in a rundown hotel in the heart of Montmartre, Khajuraho-Paris. Degenerate artist, explorer of intensities & translator, he’s the creator of SchizoPoP Manifesto, a mix of shamanoise poetry, intravenous visual deliriums & sound/body painting. His poems & visual interventions have recently been published in Paris, London & US. His upcoming poetry book is titled The Absinthe Diaries, & his first official artshow took place in Paris in December 2012. He sees poetry as a Tjurunga key capable of reconnecting his blood, as well as his deepest being, to a more exuberantly dangerous & vaster realm of experiences. Dance, Ecstasy & Dreams.

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